The Famous Berliner Donuts




Last year I went to Berlin for work and that was when I cam across the delicious donuts called, “The Berliner”! They were sold and served in almost every food shop and this was not the end of it! They appeared to be a symbol of Berlin! I could see many forms of ceramic, plastic, or fridge magnetic donuts! seeing all those donuts, took me back to my childhood. When young, I would buy a cream-filled donuts everyday to school or at home as a snack. They were big as compared to the Berliners, and of course the filling was different too. In Berlin, they were filled with sour-cherry marmalade and they were smaller.. In my home town, Tehran, they were filled with pastry creams.

This made me think to go and see if there is a link between cultures and if for real, where the donuts were born? I looked up some resources online and what I found was that there was a disagreement between Americans and Europeans over who really made them first? Ok, I think I got that! The Wikipedia says, “Doughnuts have a disputed history. One theory suggests they were invented in North America by Dutch settlers, and in the 19th century, doughnuts were sometimes referred to as one kind of oliekoek (a Dutch word literally meaning “oil cake”), a “sweetened cake fried in fat.” However, the donuts are made in many different part of the world with different shapes and methods! To be honest, I think donuts belong to where they are made!  Like bread, they could have been invented anywhere there was bread dough and oil!


The Berliners are small fried donuts, filled with cherry marmalade but the dough tasted exactly like the ones, I ate at home. So, I created my recipe not with cream, but with cherry marmalade. I hope you make and enjoy this recipe with family and friends! This is a classic recipe for donuts and you certainly can make a hole in the middle and make donut rings with it. The home-made donuts actually do not absorb that much of oil as the store bought ones.

Berliner Donuts
7gr active dry yeast
30gr sugar
50gr butter, softened
500gr all porpuse flour
A pinch of salt
1cup lukewarm milk
1/4cup lukewarm water
Oil for frying
Cherry or strawberry marmalade
Icing sugar for dusting



Mix yeast with water and sugar, and let stand for few minutes. In a separate bowl, mix salt, 400 gr flour, milk, and eggs with a fork. Then, add the yeast mixture and mix. knead the dough until it becomes consistent. Add more flour if needed.
Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let the dough rise until it doubles in size, about one hour and half.
Punch the dough down and then dust the working surface with flour and role the dough out into a 1/4 inch thickness.
Cut out 1 inch and half round pieces using a cutter or a cup with a sharp edge.
Place the donuts in a large baking ….,, . Cover with a plastic wrap and let rest for ab hour.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Make sure it is deep enough to cover the whole donut. Fry donuts and let them cool down on a kitchen paper towel. Then, make a small hole in each donut and insert one teaspoon marmalade with a small spoon or inject marmalade with a pastry bag. Dust with icing sugar and serve fresh. You can freeze these for up to a month but don’t keep them in the fridge because they stale like bread.



However, please eat in moderation. If you choose to have a small donut, make sure you cut down on your other daily fat and carbs intake.



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