Autumn Classics


Every autumn is a new time of birth. Birth of colors and shapes. It is just a beautiful time of the year to watch every single bit of nature. To me, this time of the year is an awaikening time into a world of wonders.

Winter squashes are actually a symbol of birth since they carry seeds that can be planted to a new plant. Last week I went to the market and as customary of every fall, I bought different kinds of winter squash. They were my table design for few days and then I decided to cook them while they are fresh; this time, stuffed! They have little meat but since they have funky shapes and colors, they are kind of treatable to everybody.

Kiamehr just loved scooping out stuffing out of his pumpkin bowls!









Stuffed Pumpkins, classics of Fall


100g Wild Rice, cooked and drained

100g Brown rice, cooked and drained

100g Cranberries

2 cups chicken stock

1 large onion, finely chopped

2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped

1tbsp dry basil

2tbsp dill, finely chopped

1 medium apple, medium chopped

2tbsp white wine vinegar

1/2 cup dry split peas, cooked and drain

1 garlic clove

1 large apply, small dice cut

50g almonds silvered or pine nuts, toasted

2tbsp olive oil

2tbsp vegetable oil

2 tsps all spice

1tsp cinnamon

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Heat oven to 400F.
  2. Toast pine nuts or almond silvers in a pan until golden.
  3. Roast pumpkins (whole) in the oven for 45 minutes to one hour in the oven until almost soft.
  4. Let cool for 1 hour and then remove the heads and take the seeds out. Set aside.
  5. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat and saute the onions and minced garlic until soft and translucent. Add cooked wild rice, split peas, and half cooked brown rice. Saute for few minutes.
  6. Add chopped parsley, dill, basil, and spices. Mix well. Add 2 cups of chicken stock.. At this stage, add the almonds , diced apples, and cranberries and and cook for 10 minutes.
  7. Place 2-3 table spoons of stuffing inside the little pumpkins, add two tbsp of apple juice and put the head back. Fill all the pumpkins and bake them in the oven for another 30 minutes. Adding apple juice helps keeping the stuffing moist and giving it a fruity flavor.

I served my stuffed pumpkins wit greens and honey lemon dressing. To make the dressing mix one tbsp honey with 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1tbsp white vinegar, 1tsp sugar, and 1tbsp almond powder. Mix the ingredients well in a bowl and toss the greens with dressing.

Hope you enjoy this fall inspired recipe at home like how we did!






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