Young Green Almond Mutton Stew

It is nothing tastier than crunching on the spring green almonds in Spring.  If you were born and raised in Iran, your mouth waters as you are reading this text! It is absolutely the most delicious and freshest thing you can start off the season of rebirth!

However today, I did something different with my green almonds. I turned it into a stew made with lamb shank. The recipe was a great success. Simply make sure not to overcook the Green Almonds! A simple rule, in this case, is that it is better to serve undercook than overcooking. Remember, serve it Al Dente!




2 medium onions, minced and divided

3Tbsp vegetable oil

1 pound Mutton stew shanks, cleaned and cut

1 teaspoon saffron, ground

1/2 tsp turmeric

1/4tsp white pepper, ground

300g Young almonds, cleaned and stemmed

3 cups Chicken broth



In a skillet heat oil and sauté meat pieces until brown on all sides. Set aside. Sauté onion in on Tbsp oil until fragrant. Add pepper and turmeric and cook for 30seconds. Add the meat and two cups of chicken broth. Let cook on medium-low heat and cook for about 2 hours until tender. Add saffron.

Meanwhile, sauté the rest of the onion and green almonds until fragrant. Add one cup of chicken stock and cook until al dente.

Cook rice and mix 3Tbsp with ground saffron. Set aside.

At the end mix almonds with meat and cook for 15 minutes. Serve with saffron rice.


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